Leading Dental Clinic
in Trivandrum

Freshsmile multispeciality dental clinic has built a reputation for superior dental care over the past 10 years. Freshsmile which is located in the heart of Trivandrum city, helps our patients to maintain oral health through preventive dental care. Our clinic has multiple specialties and facilities. A highly qualified specialists are working with us to perform surgical interventions.

What makes us different

  • Preventive care to maintain good oral health
  • Advanced root canal treatment
  • Facial and jaw reconstructive surgery
  • Comprehensive treatment of bite problems
  • Paediatric specialists providing comprehensive dental services
  • Expert periodontal disease prevention

We are providing the best clinical dentistry possible by utilizing the latest technology and techniques. We strive to serve our patients in a well manner and accommodate them with comfortable and pleasant environment.

We offer a wide range of services; from basic oral healthcare such as full check-ups and restorative work, to an array of cosmetic treatments. We are absolutely committed to ensuring complete satisfaction.