We are very passionate in
pediatric dentistry

Pedodontics branch concerned with the teeth and associated structures of the oral cavity, including prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease and restoration of defective or missing teeth of children. We have proud to be the best paediatric dental clinic in Trivandrum.

Dental Cleanings

Great dental hygiene starts with routine cleanings for your child with a paediatric dentist or pedodontist.

Dental Fillings

Composite fillings require the tooth be kept clean and dry while the cavity is being filled. Filling are made of non toxic substances.

Dental crown

A dental crown is a restoration that covers a tooth, restoring it to its normal size and shape while strengthening and protecting it from further cracking or breakage.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extraction is a surgical procedure where a dentist removes tooth from the mouth with simple or surgical methods.

Myofunctional Appliances

Our team of paediatric dentist and orthodontist will plan the best functional appliance for your child in the developing stages for early correction of skeletal malocclusions like mismatching upper and lower jaws with severely proclined upper teeth or prognathic lower jaw.

Space Maintainers

Our Paediatric dentist team will evaluate your childs missing or grossly decayed milk tooth or primary teeth and design ideal space maintainers to facilitate eruption of permanent teeth.

We are proud to have the Best Paediatric Dentist in Trivandrum.